It's still cold outside. Still. So, we haven't really been up to anything lately. And then Henry got a bad cold this week. So we REALLY weren't up to anything this week. Which doesn't really lead to exciting blog posts. Bad combo, for real. (although I am second place in a basketball bracket with Ryan's friends, so I feel really good about that.)

But, I do get these thoughts of funny moments to write down, but instead of writing them down think, "I should make this a post of facebook" but then realize it'd be a long post, so I don't. Then I think, "maybe write it on the blog?" but it's not really long enough for a blog post. Somewhere between a status update and a blog post... My life is so hard :)

Really, I should just write it down, or make a short post about it. Or something.

(on that short post though, I should really mention that I had one of the best sandwiches I've ever made today, and I ate it for both lunch and dinner. so did Henry. it's that good: grilled honey turkey/pesto/swiss cheese sandwich. and with the honey turkey and swiss on sale and the pesto from Costco, it'll be even more dynamite :)

A few weeks ago Hank and I made the trek north to get some Chik fil A and play at the play area there in the mall. Play places are...frustrating, since it's really the only sort of indoor park (for free) during the winter, but they're just so germy. Oh well. It's how regular parks are so it makes sense that indoor ones are the same? Either way, Hen had a blast and we both had some delicious food. Although I did get a little ahead of myself and got a 12 piece meal. I didn't really want to share my food... and hadn't had Chik fil A in...weeks! I shared, and wished Hank had eaten a little more, because of course I couldn't waste it... Did I mention my life is hard?? I'm ridiculous.

Enjoy cute Henry and maybe the next post I'll have more recent pictures of the cutest kid I know. Oh, and this was when he started standing independently on his own for a good chunk of time. Go Hank!

(on a side note, I now have a tendency to cut up most things into smaller pieces before I even realize that they're for me, not Henry. it's a bit scary/cool how second nature it all becomes.)


  1. boo! to being cooped up inside and being sick.
    hope this week is better!

  2. Sorry about the sickness. Glad for the post. Also....I'm hoping you bought a cheap ticket to Portland.


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