13 months.

 When do I stop doing these posts? I guess when Henry's a year and a half? Or maybe last month? Whatev, he's the oldest, and he'll realized that he's been "denied" so many luxuries that his younger siblings have...it's the least I can do, right?

+ Henry is a fabulous nighttime sleeper. 7:30 to 7 these days. Ryan and I are beyond grateful.

+ His fifth tooth is finally here! After months of 4 teeth only (and we're totally ok with that, btw), his 5th tooth popped right as we got back from NYC. Literally. He got suuuper fussy the last hour of the trip. I sat in the back seat with him and may or may not have even taken him out of the car seat when we were 5 minutes from home, he was so sad. And then I felt his mouth as we pulled onto our street and lo and behold, a tooth.

+ He ate an orange slice (5, actually) for the first time today and it was super cute. He's not the best at biting into things and instead just puts the whole thing in his mouth, so I was proud of his biting techniques (even though he'd really just take a bite of maaybe 1/4 of the orange slice and when he had swallowed that stuff the rest of the slice in his mouth).

+ He's been in destructo-mode as of late and loves to take throw all the books off the first shelf in the living room. And he's gotten really fast at it too...

+ He's been calling everything "dada" these days. It's his go-to word. And Ryan loves it. Not jealous.

We love this kid and he's getting so much more grown-up like each day.

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  1. I love your boy too! And I haven't even met him. Don't stop doing your updates. I'd miss them, and I'm sure you would too!


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