a day in the life (with video to boot!)

This morning we woke up around 5 to a sad, sad Henry. We were planning on going to the dr's walk-in hours this morning (I was thinking that Henry had an ear infection), but after a few tumultuous hours up, he finally went back down around 7:30 and he didn't wake up in time, so we made an appointment for 11 instead.

At the dr's we found out it's just congestion from his cold he had earlier last week. Poor kid. Yay for being under 2 and not being able take anything... He didn't have an appetite most of the day, but it kicked in right at dinner and right before dinner, he was taking multiple steps at a time without falling!

He had done it a few times before we got it on video, so I was afraid we had missed our window, but he championed through and now we can show all our awesome friends and family how awesome Hank really is. And for rocking through a developmental milestone (in our books at least) with major congestion?? This kid's got persistence for sure.

So from a sad morning to a rockin evening, our day turned out better than planned. Oh, and that dinner Hank and I couldn't get enough of? Mel's Enchilada Pasta. Totally conquered my tex-mex kick in this tex-mex-less town.

Looks like Ryan's joining the sick club with some sort of head cold/tired/bleh nonsense, so we're not out of the clear yet, but at least we have this cute little one to make us smile.

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  1. Way to go Henry!!
    Unfortunately I can empathize with him and that congestion. This head cold/cough has it me full force. Here's to hoping Ryan skates by with minimal symptoms!


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