little happenings.

a post of what's been going on around the house as of late.

: henry doesn't say mama. he'll say dada and then when we say mama he says dada back. sometimes, aggressively. like he really doesn't want to say it. i try not to take it personally.

: the other day i found henry laying on his back with his ankles crossed as he "read" a book. it lasted two seconds, but enough time for me to get down with him to help him read. tender, right?

: my new name for him is wild one. because it sounds better than me always calling him a crazy kid.

: his face is so tender when he drinks his milk at night before bed. that drunken milk face never gets old. and now ryan gets to help with this part of the routine, which he loves. and i love, too. boys and their bonding.

: on a me note, i have my first dentist appointment later this month for the first time in... too long. i don't want to even admit it online.

: oh, we saw a mouse on two different occasions in two different places in our home in the matter of a week. city living at it's finest.

: henry hasn't been on the swings yet and we've had some pretty nice spring days here lately. pretty much i feel like a failure of a parent. one whole year of his life and he hasn't been on the swings...

: spring is kindof/sortof here and i can't wait to explore more of boston with henry, more of the northeast. grant is coming to town and henry and i are planning a get-away while ryan studies for/aces his finals (and i'll be gone for our 4 year anniversary...but let's pretend that i'm a better wife than that for now at least, k?) so we've got lots to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. wahoo!


  1. So my question is when are you coming out here???

  2. 1.Just so you know, most kids say dada before mama, so don't take it personally. 2.He is a cutie and a boy so heis suppose to be wild. 3. I can relateto the dentist thing :/ I'd rather give birth than go to te dentist! 4.Enjoy your blog and watching Henry grow and all the fun things you guys do as a family.

  3. Bahaha..I seriously love your first bullet - how sometimes he'll say dada aggressively back!! You make me laugh! I'm glad you're trying not to take it personally ;)


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