Henry is one!!! (a bday party recap)

I have a one year old. How crazy is that??

We held a little birthday party for him and Auden (another little boy in our ward/neighborhood whose bday is a few days after Henry) at our house on Saturday and were overwhelmed by how many of our friends came by to show the boys a little love. I think at one point we had 9 adults and 3 kids all in our living room. And have I mentioned that our entire apt is roughly 500 sq ft? It was pretty impressive. We had a "come and go" invitation, so thankfully some came earlier and some came later, and we're so grateful for everyone who came. The boys really appreciated it :) {and thank you thank you thank you to those who provided loving gifts. they were in no way expected but very much appreciated.}

We chatted, the kids played, and we even had a little cake eating. Henry already had a sampling of the frosting earlier that day and would have kept on eating his little portion muuch longer than we would have liked. But hey, you gotta introduce bday cake to a kid early on, right? We had to do it. And his little shirtless tummy just made the deal sweeter.

Henry gets older every time I blink, and it really is bittersweet, but I'm so grateful to be his mama, and I'm so grateful he likes me, he puts up with me, and he forgives me. I can't believe I've kept him alive this whole year, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. As of now, his future looks like a baseball playing youth who turns into an impressive engineer when he grows up. Oh, and a habit of dancing whenever he hears a good beat. We'll keep you posted if things change.

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  1. How fun! and I love this little timeline you put up! Such a great way to see how he has grown over the last year. :)


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