the night before Henry turns one.

I absolutely cannot believe that Henry turns one in a matter of hours. It's so surreal to think that just a year ago today we had spent President's day shopping and running errands, getting El Pelon and having our last sans baby date night, and, after doing some home organizing, me thinking, 'I'm done.' And then he came!

I like to think that Henry looks just like Ryan, with my personality underneath it all. Henry is one silly, talkative, adventurous little kid and we wouldn't have him any other way. Well, if he magically decided to take long naps, I wouldn't say no, but other than that, we're good :)

He had his first 'go with opening birthday presents a few days ago since he'd outgrown his first pair of Robeez (thanks, gigi and grandpa!). We're already on our second pair of shoes?! And since this happened, I'll probably just give him his other toys and we'll work on "unwrapping" the packaging. That works, right? Or maybe I'll be fancy and put them all in big gift bags and splurge on some tissue paper. Decisions, decisions...


    Can't believe it's been a year already! :) Happy Day to him and to you guys!

  2. How sweet! Happy Birthday Henry!
    From Great Aunt Terri :)

  3. Those shoes! THOSE SHOES! What a perfect birthday gift!


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