birthday stats.

Henry had his 12 month appt. at the pedi yesterday so I thought I'd share his stats and a few things he's up to these days. I'm sure these will be either repetitive from earlier posts in the blog or if I've talked to you in the last few days/weeks, so I apologize in advance.

length: 30 in. (56%)
weight: 20.3 pounds (32%)
head: 45.3 cm (27%)

At least he's consistent, right? He's grown quite the little belly and is getting taller and more toddler-like each day. He's SO expressive these days, so smiley and noisy, some days I just can't get enough.

- He eats just about anything, as long as it's soft-ish (still no apples or cukes or fruits/veggies like that) and really likes to drop food on the ground.

- He loves to hit/throw (it's the same action, just with or without a toy :). We're working on making sure those actions aren't aimed at people (and most of the time they aren't), but he's at least got softer toys in the meantime.

- He loves to stand, walk with our help and roam from one piece of furniture to the next. He can take a few steps to us and stand up easily, but still uses something to help him stand. And can stand on his own for quite some time.

- He's really into stacking and putting toys inside of containers. The tupperware bin is still a favorite hangout.

- He's a big-time clapper. Still.

- Squeezie pouches (any flavor) are his absolute favorite. He can easily down  one in a matter of seconds.

- One of his favorite toys is the mailbox on his toy house. it plays the alphabet song when you open it and Im pretty sure he would play that nonstop if we let him.


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