...for the last time.

(a post on breastfeeding. you've been warned.)

(and pictures from the lovely Annie, from this past summer at the Cape that I love so much but can't believe I haven't posted)

Last night was the last night I nursed Henry to sleep. And it wasn't even a very cool, tender nursing either since he nursed for about two seconds on each side and after "finishing" a side would clamp on to my chest and sliiiiide his teeth off (the bite and slide...so glad that's over). Uh, not cool, Henry, not cool.

But back to the part where I talk about how much I really loved nursing. I really loved nursing. I loved being close to Henry, the *thrill* of figuring out where to nurse him when out and about, touching his hair and patting his bum (ok, everything except the middle one). I am super grateful that my body was able to feed him for a whole year and super grateful that there was never a biting/bloody incident. I am super grateful for a loving family who supported my our decision (both to start and to stop).

How did it happen?

To be honest, it was really all up to Henry. I wanted to be done around his birthday (and if you looked at me, I don't think you'd think I breastfed at all--my chest was definitely back to normal), but knew that Henry needed to be used to/happy with milk and that he needed to be drinking a good amount to replace the daily feedings. And I wanted him to make the final call, not me (well, within reason, to me).

Around 10/11 months I breastfed him about 4 times a day (waking up, before his two naps, before bed) and in a few weeks reduced it to once a day (at night). And Henry liked his milk (he's drinking a soy/whole milk blend for now) more and more and before his naps I'd give him a fruit squeezie to help soothe him (he didn't seem to love his sippy cup right before a nap), since he loves to suck up all the pureed goodness. And each night, without me doing a thing, his feeding would get shorter and shorter.

I was ready to nurse for weeks longer, that one, precious, nighttime nurse, but Henry had other plans. And tonight, we warmed up the milk a bit and Ryan held Henry and gave him the sippy cup and he drank to his heart's content and went right to bed.

I can't believe the stage of nursing is really over. I know that some moms don't get this far and that others go much farther. I am so glad I breastfed and for all those mommy and me moments, in public, in our home, under a cover or in a dressing room stall.


  1. So sweet. And wow, he is gorgeous in these pictures! And I love your shirt. Did you ever nurse in public with no cover? I want to (when he's older and we have it down) just for the experience of it and its way easier, it seems.

  2. have you seen that new luvs diaper commercial about nursing your second?? i love it. with the 1st one, she's using a cover and with the second she's just sitting at a restraunt nursing without any cover. that's how i picture this second time around going ha. yay for breastfeeding!! you're such a good mama, em.

  3. I can totally relate to this post. I have really enjoyed nursing, too. Sierra is almost 11 months now, still nursing about 4 times today, and I'm nervous about how its all going to pan out with stopping! I'd like to stop around her year mark but that seems to be coming up so fast! I think I will miss it way more than she will. Nursing is awesome and I can totally understand now how moms nurse their babies until they're like 3. :)

    Anyway, Henry is so cute and I love hearing about your lives! They grow up too fast! :)


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