growing into a big kid.

Ryan's classmates know nothing about little babies. It's pretty tender, actually. He saw a classmate on the T the other day and commented on how Henry is growing and can do so many more things now and his classmate then replied, oh, can he walk now?

See? Tender.

Sorry to dissapoint, but we don't have a walker quite yet (for which I am grateful for), or really a crawler, but we do have a roller. And a kid eating solids (I'll post the vid pronto (I promise, Brynn)). When he was first born his classmates rallied and bought a few shirts at a little boutique. We took a picture so we could show them Hen's thanks, and they seriously drowned him.

Back then I could never have imagined him actually fitting into those shirts, but these days, they fit him perfectly.  Geez, Henry. Why'd you have to grow up and get all big on us?


  1. haha that can he walk comment was too funny. But I know the feeling! I remember when we had been married just about a year and my friends were all starting to have babies or have their kids get a little older and having to try to remember what age they started doing different things, because I hadn't been around little babies much for a few years. :)
    I went through the photos from our trip and I got some funny/great ones of Hen trying to get the cards during our game, I'm excited to edit and post them. :)


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