date night in the north end.

What better way to spend time with family than to have them babysit? Brynn and my mom wanted payment in cannoli so a date night to the north end it was.

We got cannoli from Mike's Pastry and then headed to the waterfront to watch the end of a sailing lesson and watch the planes take off. The weather was beautiful and the sea was so peaceful. We talked about the future, about where we'd like to be in fifteen years, and it was just so nice to talk about us.

We then headed back to Mike's to get cannoli for my mom and B (and looked like crazy people for getting 4 cannolo for 2 people, but whatev) and came home to a fussy (but clean!) babe and all was good in the world. :)

Thanks so much, Mom and Brynn, for sacrificing your last night in Boston for us. Henry sure does have some amazing examples to look up to.

PS Did you know about some of the new flavors Mike's has? Like caramel pecan? SWOON.

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  1. You guys look so cute! So glad you were able to have date night! It's so important.


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