mom and brynn come to town.

My sister ever-so-kindly reminded (read: harrassed)  me that I hardly ever write posts where I actually fulfill my promise of "I'll post more later." Ladies and gents, today is the big day.

Last week was once again, an amazing stay-cation. My littlest sister and my mom came on Monday and we packed the week with a triple-d (sadly disappointing), naps, walks around fenway, a game at fenway (we won!), eating at tasty burger (twice), el pelon, ernestos and mike's pastry (…3 times…).

And on the last day Ryan joined us and we went to Newport and saw The Breakers (the Vanderbilt summer "cottage") and about died from it's beauty and the fact that there was no central air and it was 1000% humidity.

I thoroughly enjoyed their company and I know Henry is having withdrawls and is sad his personal shopper, Aunt B, isn't here to dress him every morning. There was also plenty of relaxing, chatting, sleeping in, and Brynn even did my hair a few times. I tried to re-create it the next day, but the humidity decided it wasn't up to par and took care of that reeeal quick.

I relaxed so much that there were hardly any pictures taken by me, but since Aunt B took enough for the both of us, I've just borrowed her insta photos of our awesome week.

Thanks for coming, GG and Auntie B!

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