saturday at the cape.

We've been nursing a cold for the past few days around here. Henry's been fussy and napping, both like crazy. And that little cough of his is both cute and sad all at the same time. We're about to embark on a vacation to Phoenix next week (I know, Phoenix in Aug--who thought that one through??), but before we do that, I wanted to highlight last weekend.

We were able to go to the Cape on Saturday and spend the entire afternoon/evening with our (new-ish) friends, Annie and Chase at his parent's summer home. We played games, chatted, melted in the humidity, and of course, went to the beach. Annie is not only a good friend, but an amazing photographer as well, and we decided to have her take our family pictures. Family pictures at the Cape Cod beach? Yes please. Thanks again, Annie, for letting us interrupt your vacation with a little business. We can't wait (but really, we can, promise) to hang up one of those beautiful shots on our wall.

I enjoyed the weekend so much that not a single picture was taken. I'm trying to balance enjoying the moment and snapping photos and it helps when I know that I have photography-obsessed friends that can document it for me sometimes. :)

Here's to weekends with great friends and end-of-summer vacations!

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  1. Ah! That cold is probably all our fault! Sorry! But hopefully it is over as quickly as it was for us!
    I am hopefully getting to all those photos sooon!


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