#45 No red meat for a month.

*I accidentally deleted the 101 post. I've got a Word doc of it though, so in time I'll get that post back up.*

Remember that one time we made a list of all these things we wanted to accomplish? Well, I've been terrible at keeping the list updated, but I've finally gotten around to crossing a few of them off and now I just need to write a little bloggy blog post to tell the tale.

We decided to accomplish #45. No red meat for a month during the month of February. Why? It's the shortest month of the year. And Ryan was reeeeeeally hesitant about this one. Although I was a vegetarian for about a year, he's a little weary of the not-eating-meat thing. And low and behold, Henry came just a tad early and since the goal was to do this until the end of the month, or until Henry came, Ryan got to eat a hamburger a little earlier than scheduled. :)

The funny thing is, ever since Henry's birth we've pretty much been vegetarian's at home and the only time we eat meat is when we go on dates or out to eat with friends and family. I occasionally crave a burger or Chik-fil-a (don't get me started on the whole Boston/Chik-fil-a controversy…oi), and I'm a fan of exploring Boston's fine eateries, but at the same time I love experimenting with new meatless vegetarian options at home (and no meat usually means it's that much quicker to make!). It's also helped us save a little money and be a bit more creative in the kitchen, which I love.

A few of the meals we've been eating have been:
Pineapple Salsa and fish tacos
Mighty Migas
Southwest Stuffed Peppers
Super Bean Burritos
We've also bought a few jarred curries from Trader Joe's and put them with canned/rinsed beans and served over rice.

Any favorite meatless meals to share with us? We're always up for trying new things.


  1. This is awesome, and I absolutely agree that having no meat makes it faster to get dinner on the table. Check out Perry's Plate - she has lots of good vegetarian recipes!

  2. Good job. This could never happen in our house. I try to make meatless meals and Nick begs for me to add a bit of it somewhere, defeating the purpose of course.


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