beach day!

I posted a few pictures on Facebook, but thought I'd share more of the day on here. On Friday we went to Crane beach (the same beach Hank went to one his second ever beach day at the end of last summer) with some ladies from the ward and from other wards/neighborhoods around and had a blast with a bunch of little babes, all but one under the age of 2.

I was a scared-y cat and left my phone in the car (no, I don't trust myself with a new phone and a sand/ocean combo) so I took the point-and-shoot and took a few pictures at the very end while Henry was mosey-ing around doing his own thing. Aaaand here's the photo dump. It was mostly him walking away from me, so I'd have to run up and get in front of him and take a picture before he promptly turned around and started walking away from me again. (And thanks to Kai for putting up with him in the last few pictures. He's into hugging these days, whether the kid actually wants to be touched/hugged, or not...)

His shorts are from Zara kids and I'm so in love with them. And his hat. I love his hat. And the last few pictures look ridiculously similar to Ryan around 2 so, for all those that think Hank looks like me, thanks for being nice to me, but I'm pretty sure he's mostly the looks of Ryan with the spunky personality of my brothers.


  1. so cute! I would have taken a pic of the two of you together on the beach! next time for sure :)

  2. Ooh, you know, I'm seeing more Dalby in him. Especially the one where you're holding him and the one before that is amazing. Love the shorts!!


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