fleeting summer beach date.

It's only a little after noon and I've gone on a 3 mile run with Hen (which is the equivalent of running a half marathon without him, right??), put Henry down for a nap (which is a bit hard these days because the teething cry has turned painful, so any day teeth may be here...but we've been saying that for months, so obviously we don't really know what we're talking about...) took a shower, and am now blogging. Big, guys, this is big.

I wanted to share a few pictures of our beach adventure from a little over a week ago. We went up to Crane Beach in Ipswitch, MA and oh my goodness it was beautiful. It's an inland beach surrounded by marsh and the sand. The sand was amazing. Perfect sand-y color and  not rocky or shell-y. Henry even had a few handfuls--it was THAT good. We went  with the ward playgroup and I just had to share this picture of Henry and Lillian. He doesn't even know what's about to go down :)

The weather was perfect lay-out-by-the-beach weather and this time Henry could sit up really well, so it was super cute but a lot harder since he wanted to eat the sand and roll all in it. We even made it to Russell Orchards on the way back with Hen's new friend, Kai, and I took a few pictures of him in the mini pumpkin patch. You can never have too many pumpkin patch pictures, right?

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  1. Love it! He is so dang cute! I wanna meet him..... :(
    Aunt Terri


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