out at the farm...market.

Ah, finally some time to blog!

Last weekend, before Conference on Saturday morning, we wanted to go get some apple cider donuts to officially welcome fall as a family. Really, we wanted to go apple picking, but in the end decided to let Henry wake up on his own, so we found a place closer to the city, packed up and headed out. And the weather couldn't have been more perfect for a pre-conference outing.

Volante Farms is a cute market with some of their own produce (hence the farm in the name) and over 20 different apple varieties from across the state. If you can't get to the farm itself, this market is the next best thing. They also had a ton of locally made everything. From cheese to honey to you-name-it. In the end we just decided to grab some donuts and traipse over to their greenhouse and snap some pictures. They had some beautiful mums that, if we had a porch, we would have definitely bought.

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