candid henry + dad.

I didn't have the internet on my computer for a whole 24 hours. Which is forever, especially when you have blog posts to write and a husband who is still at school when you go to bed at 11.

It's a good thing I have these adorable pictures of Henry and Ryan (and a few of me, too), from this past August, to stare at. These boys, they kill me. Annie posted them a while back on her own blog, but in case you missed them (and I'm guessing you all did :), here they are. Thanks for sharing, Annie!

Annie and Chase, we're so glad you liked Boston and we are SO looking forward to getting tacos this December. With or without you. They've changed our lives.

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  1. Love the last shot! So glad I was the annoying photographer friend that insisted on a group shot. :) Good memories associated with this! We are so down for tacos!


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