conference weekend/columbus day

Conference weekend was fantastic. I felt like I got so much out of each message and Henry was a champ almost the whole time as well. I can't believe that he was less than a month old just 6 months ago and this conference weekend. We spent time with friends on Friday night and met up with an old sister missionary from Ryan's mission, who lives out here, on Sunday, but the biggest news was that Sunday morning Henry started to crawl!

He's been a roller for quite some time, and he is sitting up fantastically, and on Sunday he decided to really start crawling and Ryan was there to see it. A conference weekend/columbus day miracle. :)

I took a little video, but then took another one Monday morning and he's even better after just one day. We are so amazed at the speed he can learn and love watching his little personality grow and grow. Here's a little proof to {hopefully} spice up your week and make you smile. We've already watched this video multiple times; Henry makes it pretty addictive.


  1. Cute!! Yay Henry! Ps, I can't believe how long it's been since we've chatted. Give me a call when you're free! Cause I meant to reply to your email five years ago...


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