Shhh, this is a LIBRARY.

Anyone remember that skit from "All That"?

We went to the library last week and got in trouble at the end of our visit when, as Henry was getting grumpy and started crying, a girl shouted from across the children's room, "SHHH!" She was 3. Hen quickly quieted down after that :) The library is also getting more fun now that Henry can sit up on his own and play on his blanket and play with the books and blocks.

I love going to the library. It's the perfect 30 minute walk and I've usually got some books on hold so I get to pick them up without having to search all over the library for them. The bummer though, is when you request a ton of books at once, most of them with fairly long waiting periods, so that when you pick up the books you have three weeks to read over ten books. At least a few were skim/cookbooks that don't require the whole page to be read.

I even got a few books for Henry this go-around. I really like the Llama Llama books so I got a few board books and I also got a children's book, Flotsam, to read to him or by myself. I figure I should read more children's books so that I'll know which books to buy or check out for him later down the road.

Anyone read a good book lately, or have any children's book recommendations? I started following a blog a few months ago, Everyday Reading, and Janssen used to be a librarian here in Boston (I love little connections like that). She writes book reviews, including YA, Children's, etc, so if you're looking for a book recommendation, her blog is worth a look.


  1. Ahh he's so cute!

    Here's my much.too.long.recommends:

    Llama Llama HOlla-drama is cuutee (mainly because I heard a lady at church quote it over the podium = )
    And so is Yertle the Turtle... and Love You Forever is just a classic. Corduroy, The Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

    sheesh. bring hen on by! I'll read to him!

  2. So glad it's been useful to you! Thanks for your nice words.

    We're in love with "No Sleep for the Sheep" right now. So funny and catchy.

  3. yes to all of j's recommendations. we also really like the very busy spider and hello bugs. and i like reading magazines at the check out line in the grocery store. i should prob read something less trashy... i love you and hen and my goodness he is beautiful!! model status.


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