we miss the paces already.

Our friends Ginnie and Nelson (and their son Auden) have moved on to cooler things, like getting a PhD at UNC and going to law school. They left on Friday and even though we got some of their refrigerated items to remember them by (chipotle black bean burgers, milk, cheese, banana peppers? yes please!) it's just not the same.

I even explored a new playground this morning and it's so sad knowing that I can't just tell her to meet up with us sometime this week or next to have a playdate/picnic!

Pace fam, you rock. Until we meet again, I'll just stare at these photos from a few weeks ago over and over again and reminisce about Henry toppling over Auden with a hug and the boys kinda-sorta playing with each other as we chatted in the Public Garden. And smile at the boys' excitement over high fiving each other.

(post high five happiness--and it's Ryan's fault that he doesn't have pants on. that is all.)


  1. haha love the high-five! :)
    Always sad to have friends move away.

  2. sorry you had to say good-bye to friends! I hate when that happens. That's cool they are moving to Chapel Hill though! Maybe they will be in Drew's parents' ward!


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