that one weekend where we ate lots of burgers.

I know it's the weekend already, but I just wanted to post a few favorite pictures from last weekend. The weather was not-so-nice (kindof like how it's been the last few days--so rainy!) but we made the most of it and went out to Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill and headed over to the Container Store afterward for a little container perusing. You know you're an adult when buying and window shopping for cute baskets is the highlight of your Friday night :)

Then on Saturday we had a crazy morning getting a dresser from a Craigslist find and then quickly headed over to Belmont to get some lunch and go to the temple. The Vezzanis were nice enough to watch Henry for us and it was so nice to enjoy being at the temple WITH Ryan, not just going in by yourself while Ryan watches Henry and then switching. Both great, but with Ryan, just a little better. We even went to a place called Nick's in Belmont before going and oh my goodness it was fantastic. Freshly made, a little greasy, so good. I got the chicken kabob sub and Ryan had a cheesesteak sub and we're both pretty excited to try more things on their menu, for sure. 

On Sunday the weather was beautiful and warm and we headed to the local park to play with Henry. Ryan and I were both in our church clothes still and that was a total mistake. Pretty sure we left early not because Hank was exhausted, but because we were overheating. Lesson learned.

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  1. I feel like Henry is getting to be more of a "little man" and less of a baby. He is going to look even more grown up come this fall when he has a little sibling!


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