Moving... and Planting!

1. We've been moving into the actual Wymount apartment that we'll *hopefully* be living in for the next 2 years (I don't want to move and have to lug everything down the stairs..we're on the third floor). We're officially moved in but the apartment doesn't look very home-y yet. We have a dining table and chairs but we haven't set them up with. And we still have to get the tv from Ryan's old apt. and set up the tv stand. Assembly party anyone? (I'll make treats, I promise!)

2. We officially have an apartment of our own!!! Even if it doesn't look home-y yet, we have a sweet new couch and bed that are both super comfy--what could be better??

3. We're the proud, adoptive parents of two, count 'em two, flower beds on Center St. Verry official, right? I volunteered with the Parks and Rec kids a year ago, got on their mailing list, signed up for a couple flower beds and then went and planted them the DAY AFTER we got back into town after our honeymoon. I know, I'm a terrible wife for making Ryan get up early on a Sat. morning, but I'm a sucker for flowers...and I really wanted to see my new official name :)

For your visual enjoyment:

After we had planted everything and actually looked awake

The flower-less flower bed

Ryan and the cute flower bed

Me and the flower bed...looking semi-awkward I might add...

Our sweet sign! Totally legit!!

Oh, and to top that off, we got to eat a ginormous breakfast provided by one of the BYU student wards. They had a service project day that day and lured everyone with breakfast. It was catered and there were amazing breakfast burritos. I had one, Ry had two, and we both got as much OJ as we could fill our bellies with. Delish.


  1. Nice, that's cool! We would love to help you guys if you need some help moving!


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