Weekend Review: We're movie people and we have rad friends.

A street in DC

Our Friday consisted of Amanda and I baking up and talking up a storm while making my mom's amazing rolls and cinnamon rolls. Afterwards, Ryan and I went to a TA get-together with the TAs and professors and we ate some delicious food. Also, I realized that I am ridiculously competitive with silly games. Also, I love games that I'm good at. Sounds redundant, but true. We played this Viking game with sticks (I know, descriptive, right?) and Ry and I's team totally won both games. Oh, and two truths and a lie. I was totally on a roll when we played that. Also, I'm terrible and thinking about cool facts about myself.

On Saturday we both took wonderful standardized tests (me:GRE him:LSAT) and then ate some AMAZING Chik Fil A free, thanks to our sweet Chik Fil A calendar and gift card stocking stuffer. We stopped by Target and then came home to watch the Cougars… They lost, but it was still fun to watch the game and hear the roar of the crowd down the street! We also went to a wedding reception at Rock Canyon park. And watched a cool movie. (Hm, maybe I should type out my weekends more often, I feel like I did so much!)

Sunday was definitely a day of rest, but we were a bit busy with our Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching. No worries, we had time to eat amazing chili and watch the Chronicles of Narnia.

I love the weekends!

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