A recap: May and June

This summer flew by and I did other things at night/naptime instead of blogging. Mostly looking at Instagram and planning meals and snacks (my life revolves pretty heavily around snacks and drinks of water/milk/lemonade these days) but since I don't always post everything on Instagram, here's a little more of what we did those first few months of summer:

+ We visited Ryan at his office and I captured this shot of Hank at his desk. It's one of my current favorite's of these two.

+ We like our date nights with lots of sweetness. And we love the village, so big gay ice cream was a win. I think mine had salted caramel and Ryan's had dulce de lece (mine was better, if I recall correctly).

+ Boys in baseball caps are cute, and when Walter put on his backward/slanted by himself and kept it that way, he was even cuter.

+ Sleep has always been evasive for Hank and Walter has always been my constant sleeper, so it's always a bit weird (and a bit sad for my exhausted self) when they switch.

+ Ryan's dad came into town for a quick visit in June when Ryan was called as a counselor in the bishopric. The boys had loads of fun with him and we can't wait to hang out with him again this November.

+ Walter had a big airplane/helicopter phase earlier in the summer (his current october phase is motorcycles) so every time one flew over, which is a LOT, this is the face he would make as he said airplane or helicopter in his Walter-speak. 

+ The high line! We love the high line, we can't deny it.

+ Henry became a more adventurous climber, and just this last month (September) he can go down the fireman pole at our local park--so fun to see him figure it out by himself.

+ Uncle Taylor came to visit in June and it was so fun to see him interact with the boys. We never see enough of him since he and I are the only ones who don't live in the IN/OH belt the rest of my family lives in currently.

+ Lots of train naps from getting every single one of our crazy wiggles out when we traipse downtown for adventuring.

+ As much as we dislike when Ryan works late and I put the boys down without him during the week (2-3 days/week these days), I am so so so grateful that he has only worked on one Saturday since we've been here. Saturdays are our dad days :)

+ We went fishing in Harlem Meer!

+ These last two are out of order, but after our Savannah trip I saw a Broadway play with my mom and aunt. We saw Something Rotten and now I want to see a million more plays and musicals.

+ And last but not least, I ran a half marathon! Brittany and I took the train down to South Ferry and ran up the Hudson home and ended right across the street from our building. It was awesome and my legs have never before hurt that badly, but I have a feeling I'll be doing it again.

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  1. Oh my gosh how long has it been since we talked??? I haven't heard about your half and Ryan's calling and all your summe adventures. I feel terrible. Let's talk asap.


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