We went on a vacation without the boys and it was amazing. Ryan and I still talk about it. Remember that time we went to Georgia and it was super awesome and amazing and the best? And another bucket list item completed!

We got there on a Friday, left on a Tuesday and ate and watched tv and walked and walked and saw a baseball game and relaxed in between it all. Oh, and my angel of a mother and my fabulous Aunt Terri came to the city to watch the boys while we vacationed. I think we should make this an annual thing. Yes, yes.

After arriving we went downtown to a little seafood festival and some fireworks. And we found this awesome little honey company to give the perfect thank you presents, score. Then we hopped in a taxi the next morning to go back to the airport to grab a rental car and head to Atlanta. Two bucket list numbers in one amazing long weekend. Ryan had never been to Atlanta's stadium (nor had I), so we grabbed some Chik fil A and got on the road to drive up. Also, Ryan hadn't driven a car since selling our car last fall. Wild. The game was fun and it was so fun to see the differences compared to Fenway--it's so fun to see what the locals want out of a game. We headed back to Savannah that night, stopping at the halfway point and then returned the car the next day. On a Sunday. Which means I couldn't get Chik fil A. Which was pretty heartbreaking. But I'm over it...by now.

The rest of the trip was fun eating and walking and relaxing our way though historic Savannah. It was so great to be able to walk everywhere and the food was suuper good. Not pictured is the enormous amount of food we ate at Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, chats by the pool, and window shopping and eating whenever we wanted, no kid's snacks or scheduling needed!

we had just left the boys with my mom. our kid free weekend had begun!

 little festival on the waterfront
gator balls, anyone?

the real reason we went to georgia...

at turner field!

amazing chicken/sausage sandwiches @ zunzi's

@ forsyth park. we tried, but could not get a decent picture of us without resorting to selfies. 

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