The beginning of July.

I have a few friends who truly live up each season to its fullest and I've been trying to emulate their love for utilizing every bit of city-awesomeness available and in looking at just how many pictures I took this past summer, I think I did a pretty good job. Oh, summer. Outside! ALL THE TIME.

The beginning of July started a little rough with a little stomach bug for Henry. It's always weird to have him be a little slower and sick since he's always so full of energy, but it was nice to re-boot and start the month off a little slower. Walter had a little sympathy sick-station so that was cute, too. It only lasted a day and he was back on his feet. // And my boys doing the dishes together! Swoon.

I bought a tee ball set this summer and it was a hit. These boys love baseball, and love being with their dad. Ryan loves to watch them love something he loves so much and I love that it's a bond they get to share. I like baseball, too, but love them loving it so much more.

It felt like everyone went out of town on the fourth of July so we kept it simple, had a picnic in Ft. Tryon with a few other ward families, and the boys managed to get dirt everywhere, so it was definitely a winning day in their eyes. It was a little dreary and rainy, too, and we didn't see any fireworks, BUT I made pie! Not the best thing in the world, but it made me a little more determined to try my hand at pie more and come up with some winning combinations.

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