my little new yorkers.

September and October and hardly a blog post? These boys are busy, wild, and adventurous, and we live in New York City. It feels like most New Yorkers have no idea that Manhattan even goes this north (we live north of the Washington Bridge), but we are loving where we are, the wonderful friends we've made so far and the fun adventures we get to have slowly but surely.

There are whirlwind days where we do a bajillion and one things and then there are days like today where we went to music class and a park in the morning, then another park in the afternoon before coming home and making breakfast for dinner, and I love it.

Here are a few snippets of our life these last few weeks:

This was from one of the first outings we went on with some moms from the neighborhood. There is definitely no shortage of good food around here and just about every adventure into another neighborhood means finding a fun treat to go with it.

Let it be said: we go to a lot of parks. There's something so fabulous about being in a city where the city is your backyard--and you can go into everyone's backyard whenever you want! It would be nice to have one of our own, but until then finding fun slides like this one in a Central Park playground make it a-ok to be without.

Play structures like dinos? We'll take it.

Aw, I already miss that shaggy hair. If I happen to lose Walt at a playground, it's almost guaranteed that he's playing at the end of a slide.

The face of a happy child, I tell ya. This is from another playground in Central Park and is pretty fun. The sandbox is huuuge, which is so fun, except for the whole sand everywhere thing.

This picture is from the medieval festival, in our neck of the woods. It was like Comic Con gone old school.

My little sister got married! And even though we love her and her new husband, it was all about the babies for me. Cousin time never looked so good with everyone looking all snazzy.

Lastly, fall. Oh, fall. If we ever move away from the East fall is something I will tenderly miss. They just do it right here.


  1. Oh my I just feel so much better! I think of you and your precious family often and love to keep up w yalls exciting adventures!

  2. So glad for a post. Those boys are too cute!!


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