dr. frankenstein and his monster.

Henry's hair was made to be a mad scientist. And Walter still has the monster/zombie walk going on. And a monster costume from Carter's was on super sale and an Amazon little lab coats for imaginative play.

Ryan and I have always been terrible at dressing up for Halloween and we've been ok at doing things for the boys, but this years duo is the best so far. Henry could finally say "trick or treat" this year and was actually pretty bummed that he had to sit through a whole hour and a half of dinner before he could get his candy. And then Ryan finally went with him around the halls of the church building for our ward Halloween party and Henry definitely skipped any room that was dark. 

There were a fair amount of not-so-dark-and-creepy rooms though and even an amazing room with a guy in our ward who had a Sesame Street-like puppet and was just letting the puppet chat with the kids and then inviting them over to grab some candy out of the bowl--the kids were all so entranced by the pupped they forgot all about the candy, it was fun to watch them be so focussed and it wasn't even a tv screen or movie!

This week there's been a playgroup party and there'll be a neighborhood trick or treating and Henry definitely doesn't need the candy, nor do I...but I wouldn't mind a few extra sour patch kids around here for the next week or two. ;)

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