thanksgiving 2014.

We have a lot to be thankful for. And especially after this last weekend of friends and help from friends, we have even more to be thankful for.

Henry said he was thankful for Daddy. And I would add to that list, "special movies"...which are happening a bit more frequently...'tis the season, right?

We had two families over for thanksgiving, plus an in-law, plus a neighbor from the building, plus a friend from the ward... nine adults total with four toddlers (I'll put Walt in this category, even though it breaks my heart to see him grow) and two under one. All in our two bedroom, city apartment.

And really, it was so fun. It was crazy, the toys definitely did not stay in the boys' room, there was a movie turned on to distract the kids (that was literally feet from the dinner table, but it was on almost-mute) and even some bunny-eared football afterwards. There was a ton of food, lots of pie, and lots of Martinellis. What more could you want?

We went around the table towards the end and mentioned things that we were grateful for and I really appreciated someone's comment on how thankful they were for the Lord's hand, in everything. I mentioned how grateful we were for friends who quickly become family. We've made lifetime friends wherever we've been and it's been the same even here. In the end, we were heartbroken to leave Boston, but I have a feeling we'll be heartbroken to leave all our friends and experiences here as well. Or most of them, anyway.

And we even got a group picture! Someone's eyes are closed, kids are exhausted and tired, but we got a picture!

Over the weekend, Henry had a fever for two days straight, with it spiking at night and leaving me frazzled and calling the on-call doctor and looking up insta-cares and calling a friend with a car...but we ended up staying put (thanks to the words of the doc) and our friends graciously loaned their children's ibuprophen so we wouldn't have to trek to the store so late and a friend helped give Henry a blessing and oh, my mommy heart was aching and our gracious friends helped so, so much. I mean, it was just a fever, but it was so sad to see Hank sad. And a deep reminder of how grateful I am for their health, and even more, for them.

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  1. Thanksgiving sounds like a blast! Crazy and fun! Oh so sad about Henry! Glad it all worked out!


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