all about the move.

Leaving Boston was hard. But so was leaving Provo, we just didn't know it until we got to Boston. And DC was hard to say goodbye to, too. I think that's a good thing, though, right?

Days before we left we high-tailed it to the Arboretum to get one last family picture in Boston. I asked Laura last minute and she got some gems. She brought her two little ones to help make Henry smile and it could not have been better. I snagged some shots of Lillian and Henry while Laura was chasing after Brigham (an adventurous boy just like someone else I know...) and I love them so. Aren't they just the cutest together?

The failed attempts at hugs and hand holding give me the widest grins. We were so blessed to have the Stowells so close and to glean from all of their city knowledge, winter knowledge, kid knowledge!

And then on the night before we left we invited some of our friends to a little party in the North End to eat pizza and say our goodbyes. We saw most of the guys the next morning in our move, but it was so nice to say our goodbyes to some of our favorite families at one of our favorite spots in Boston. Unfortunately, the group pictures were all blurry, but it's one of the most good-looking blurry pictures I've ever seen :)

And then we were off! We had friends help us move, and help us clean, even with their little ones, and it was so surreal that we were actually leaving with no real return date. But, with a GPS finaggled by the speedometer (I found the mount after a pit stop later), lots of snacks, and lots of prayers, we made it.

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