Blueberry picking: my happy place.

Since I'm writing this after we've already moved to the big city I can be all sappy.

The city is growing on me and I'm so excited to experience it in every season. I'm ready to love it.


I really miss our old stomping grounds.

I really. Miss. Boston.

Also, I really miss fruit picking. Blueberry picking was heavenly this year and I just can't get it out of my head. I'm thinking a trip up to Boston at the end of next summer is a total must. I went blueberry picking last year with Henry (seen in this post) while still growing Walter inside, and it was pretty fun, but this year we went as a whole family of four and it was absolutely amazing.

A quick tangent, but I'm feeling so torn these days between adding to our family and just keeping it as it is. It feels so complete these days, so wild with these two little boys, but then I think, oh one more, one more, and then I think that I'm really not mentally capable of more...and then I remind myself to live in the moment and all is calm again. I really do love this family of mine.

We went blueberry picking the week before we left and it was the perfect send-off. The blueberries were as big as grapes, there were so many of them, and it was so cute to hear Henry as he trounced around, sometimes yelling "I'm running away!" in a cute way, and having Ryan run after him, and Walter just hung out in the carrier gobbling up blueberry after blueberry. Fruit picking is definitely my happy place. Retirement must include great fruit.

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  1. I feel the same way about having more babies. Our chaos is just so perfect right now! Love that blueberry picking too.


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