Daddy studies and we vacation! Ohio trip 2014.

Late July we traipsed to Ohio while Ryan studied for the NY Bar. Studying dads are no fun, so we like to make a getaway so Ryan doesn't feel guilty for never seeing us and so we can have fun! Really, it's so Ryan has a chance at passing since Walter wasn't in the sleeping-through-the-night groove and I felt bad. And I'm all for an excuse to hang out at my parents' in suburbia for a bit.

We went to the zoo, went to Chik Fil A, ordered take-out, went to the pool and really just had a good time. Nights were a little rough with neither boy sleeping very well, but days were pretty lovely and it was nice to be in a big home and for a bit my brother was home and could watch the boys while my mom and I went out and ran errands/shopped. Heaven!

I am so very grateful that the boys get to see their grandparents so often. I love watching my parents interact with them, I love seeing the boys light up when my parents would come home. Henry was very into narrarating whatever he saw while in Ohio so it was always a hoot when my brother or dad would come home. Papa's home! Papa's taking off his shoes. Papa's going to the kitchen. He would narrate as much as he could. We were there for a day shy of three weeks and although it was so hard to voluntarily be away from Ryan for that long I'm so glad that he could get the Bar done and look for an apartment and that we could have fun with my parents. And oh, the pool. Pool days were heavenly.

And lastly, my two favorite pictures from our time (made even sweeter thanks to instagram). The boys had tender moments with each of my parents, and I'm so grateful for that, but in the last few days I captured my dad and Henry together and these moments just melt my heart. So grateful for pictures to help ingrain tender memories into the heart.


  1. I love that most are these are action shots. Yay boys! Sounds fun. Can't believe Walt is so big.

  2. I've been waiting for an update. Love your beautiful family!


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