our first houseplant: rosa

All this succulent beautifulness going around the internet these days was making me really want a little houseplant. And they improve your air quality, too, so I'm all for that. After going into Home Depot a few weeks back and being totally and completely overwhelmed (really, I don't have a clue about plants, fertilizers, pots...) I picked out a cactus instead. I'm still in the market for some succulents, but I thought a cute little cactus would be a fun place to start (And slightly ridiculous because, hello, doesn't a cactus have thorns? And succulents don't...). But I just fell in love and I thought it was cuter than the succulents and aloe they had. Oh well. It's high up, so Walter can't grab it and Henry has learned (through our words and not through experience, so far) not to touch her. I think he mostly just think's she's delicate, not dangerous. And she's not really dangerous, there are just little tiny thorns...I feel like I'm backing myself into a corner here...


We got a cactus. And it's exciting.

That's really what I'm trying to get at. I take it down from it's window perch once a week and Henry helps water it. He gets pretty excited, too.

Rosa, welcome to the family.

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  1. Well that is utterly adorable. You two look so proud! Can't wait to hear more about Rosa's adventures with you guys!


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