A Family Hike

[Be forewarned, Emily did not write this post. I, Ryan, am hoping to contribute more often from now on. Don't worry, Emily approves everything, thus maintaining the high standard she has set over the years]

Weekends are fantastic. I'm only now beginning to realize why people love their Saturdays so much. My days of student life are rapidly coming to a close with my first professional job starting this September, and the Bar Exam is going to dominate most of my time during July, so I've come to enjoy Saturday family time.

This past Saturday was a Mangum family milestone - our first hike as a family! Emily and I realized the last time we'd been hiking was when we scaled Y mountain in Provo. Yikes. So we ventured off to the Blue Hills Reservation for an engagement with mother nature (language like that is a strong indicator that we are not outdoorsy folk).

Walter took to the trail like a champ. He slept the entire time. Henry enjoyed the wide open space. In the picture below, I acquiesced his demand that I run beside him. For some reason he found the trail much more enjoyable when we were going fast. Truth be told, it felt like he was a trainer on Biggest Loser the way he stayed on top of me. Hopefully he's not trying to tell me something...

All in all it was a delight. While Hank tuckered himself out and Walter slept, Emily and I spoke about our upcoming move, how we should get outdoors more often, and about other miscellaneous things that we don't get to speak about during our usually hectic weeks. Saturday, you treated us well.

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  1. Living in Boston and NYC, you probably don't get much opportunity! Sounds like a perfect Saturday. Love you guys!


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