[ode to pick your own fruit] strawberry picking.

I'm all out of synch this month with the posts all out of order, but oh well. I keep getting distracted at night online shopping and then looking at ways to improve my photography and then it's almost ten and  I think, "Shoot! I can pound out a blog entry in the next 6 minutes, right?" So the long blog entries with lots of thought keep getting pushed back. 

I can't believe that we won't be a hop, skip away from the fields of New England come this fall. I took the boys out to pick strawberries early last week and keep planning to go back (fingers crossed next week for some blueberry picking!), but since we may or may not do that, just wanted to document this trip. I love, love picking fresh fruit--there's just something so homey about it all. It was hot, I was on my hands and knees with Walter on my back and Henry next to me/in the next row/100 feet away, but it was so worth it for those little bits of heaven.

Before I start to weep at the thought of leaving the wide open spaces of Massachusetts (which is funny, because coming from Utah, Boston is anything but spacious...) I'll upload some pictures and leave it at that. It's sweltering hot these days with an impending hurricane on our hands, so you'd think I wouldn't be that sentimental about it all, but I am, I really am.

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