time for the water!

Henry loves his water shoes. LOVES. He wears these little black croc clogs and if he could he'd wear them all over the house all the time.

Most of all, he loves knowing that we're going to be playing in water when I have him put them on. We went to Houghton's pond a few weeks back for our first trip to the water/beach this summer and we've planned water/splash pad activities at least once a week since then.

It's so nice to have splash pads, ponds, and beaches all close by, and other than some crazy geese this pond was fabulous. And free parking! Hooray! After these pictures were taken I rushed off to help Henry with a toy or something while my friends watched Walter and he promptly tumbled into a little puddle of water/leaves/sand and looked like a little wet puppy. Thank goodness for early pictures of clean kids before the mess of beach/sand/drool/applesauce-everywhere that happened by the end of this day.

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