Walter and the lilacs.

Speaking of odes, springtime here was wild, but there were some fabulous parts. Springtime is always fickle, but I feel like it's just one of those things where you just wish you didn't have to wear any extra layers, but then summertime comes and I'd kill for it to be cool enough to wear a light layer. But then it probably wouldn't be fruit picking time so...I take that back.

Anyway, days before Ryan graduated back in late May Walter and I went on a mommy and me playdate to the Arboretum and I took the DSLR to capture his cuteness. My goal is to take the camera out more, not only for my littles, but to capture their friends and the motherhood/toddlerdom awesomeness/craziness that is constantly around us. Look forward to that in the future, but for now, enjoy Walt in all his squinting glory.

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