warm weather and nature walks.

Spring has finally sprung and we went out quite a bit in light jackets (well, the next few days are back to winter-like temps, gross, but for the most part, it's spring). Oh, spring. I've decided that I could live in a place that never really gets above 80. I don't need a crazy, sweaty beach tan, just some sun to go on walks and to the playground and maybe dip my feet in a lake or something.

From going to the Brookline park near us or on a nature walk in Mattapan I can't wait to squeeze in as much spring as possible before I start overheating. Places with turkey walking around totally win in my book. And Henry in his Sox hat kills me every time. Also, he can listen to directions and stay on the path or hold my hand...things I never thought were possible just six months or so ago. Heavenly.

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