happy anniversary to us!

5 whole years of marriage. I love being married in the beginning of May, it's definitely a reminder that we got married in Utah and went to BYU--every year I remember that just about everyone I know got married either a few days before or a few days after us. We got a sitter on Thursday night and headed to Giacomo's in the North End for some super delicioso pasta. I got the lobster and shrimp with (handmade) fusilli and Ryan got the butternut ravioli--both were mouth-watering good.

Although we're planning to do a big trip sometime next spring, my reward to myself this year is surviving law school while beginning parenthood. Law school, addinng to our family, living in a big city, they were definitely hard things, but so very worth it all.

Happy anniversary, Ryan, to five more, plus a million after that. Henry, Walter and I are the luckiest three because of you. Ryan bought my some red lilies on the day before and he definitely knows the way to my heart--who doesn't want fresh flowers in their home 24/7?!

(and yes, we do have bunny ears. doesn't everyone have bunny ears to get basic cable? ;)

...but seriously, this pasta...so much food and so much lobster and their seafood-based lobster...unbelievable.

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