easter weekend: friday and saturday.

We started out the weekend with a visit from a college friend here for a friend's wedding. We love Josh and Miriam and even though Miriam and their two babes stayed back home, we recreated a little Mario Kart fun and Josh even treated us to breakfast and did the dishes afterward. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we have the best friends.

After we dropped him off at the temple on Friday morning Henry and I headed to Linda's doughnuts to try them out. I'm on a hunt for the best doughnuts around and since these were on the way home it worked out perfectly. Since we were there around 10 they were already sold out of a ton of their more famous doughnuts, so we grabbed some staple regular, cake, twist and cinnamon roll-type and headed home. They weren't crazy amazing, so I'm thinking we'll just have to go back at an earlier time to get the best of the best. And Henry gave them two thumbs up, so there's that :)

On Saturday we went to an egg "hunt" in Roslindale that the community put on and it was adorable. Some church volunteers were face painting and Henry was so calm and stood there so patiently while he got painted like a bunny. Easter fun for the win! The actual egg hunt went by pretty quickly since there wasn't any hunting involved (just in a a big open field with a bajillion eggs), so Hank got a few eggs and one of the best parts was that there were trinkets in some eggs and little pieces of candy like gum and tootsie rolls in the others--less stuff for me to take away from Hank/ration/whatever. I'm already excited to put on a little easter hunt of our own inside next year, he really, really loved the eggs. And Walter was a trooper hanging out in the carseat for the hour or so that we were there.

After the hunt we played at the nearby playground for a bit, but Henry was getting restless so I lured him to the car with promises of Curious George and lunch. Mostly Curious George. And so a new tradition of a home picnic while watching our favorite monkey began :)

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