Walter is SIX MONTHS.

Wait, it's been six whole months since baby Walter was born? And two weeks since I originally wrote this post?

I was lamenting on the Sunday when he turned 6 months that I hadn't done nearly as many little photo ops as Henry had, but on Friday I had the perfect moment to snatch a few smiles while Henry was napping and the sun was shining. This also happened to be just days before he caught the second cold of his short little life, poor kiddo.

While at the park a few weeks ago someone called Walter a little dumpling and it's stuck. He really is our little dumpling and we couldn't be happier he's with us forever. He's determined to move and is a pro crawler--but can only go backward, silly one. He is also so relaxed and loves to watch his brother. He's pretty patient with us, and I'm so grateful. There are definitely fewer breakdowns with both of them, too, since they already have each other to play with and entertain.

stats (for the records):
length: 28.6 " (98%)
weight: 18 lbs 11 oz (77%)
head: 42.5 cm (25%)


  1. OH my, that last picture is just to die for! What a little dumpling :)

  2. Time flies! And I have to agree with Megan on that last picture; it is too perfect!


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