Henry at playschool.

Boston has this fantastic countdown to kindergarten playschool set up for little ones that's once a week for a few hours. It's run by a leader who sets up a craft activity that goes with a book and has a little structure: play, art, reading time, singing time, snack, play and parents stay with the kids. I love it and although we only go about every other week due to a conflicting nap from Walter or one of the boys having a terrible night's rest, I know that Henry loves it, too. It's so fun to see him play, to see his eyes light up with excitement over discovering a new toy or activity, and to see him call out other kid's names.

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  1. That sounds awesome! And it's hard for me to imagine Natalie ever running around and talking but I'm sure when it comes I'll feel like her being this little was just yesterday!


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