conference weekend.

Watching conference gets a bit complicated with Henry and Walter around, but we made the most of it thanks to helpful mamas on pintrest who come up with fabulous ideas (and a lot of outside time, too).

We got to see Ryan's childhood bff, Grant, his girlfriend Kaylee, and friend Chris on Saturday afternoon and eat lunch with them and then we went to a nearby playground to get Henry's wiggles out (slash reward him for not causing too much of a ruckus). I was reminded how awesome our friends were as they immediately started playing with the boys, holding them, talking to them, and how grateful I am to the boys that they let these strangers-to-them hold them and love on them. We had to separate too soon as they went to explore Boston and we went back home for naptime, but we can't wait to see more of them this fall.

Sunday started peacefully with a walk around the arboretum with lots of dogs and their owners. It's so interesting to watch Henry interact with dogs. Definitely a love/scared relationship. Loves pointing them out, and then walks toward them, but as soon as the dog makes a move Henry gets scared and runs back to us. Walt slept the whole walk--he's such a baby-wearing champ, and my shoulders are going to be shoulders of steel by the time he's done! After watching the last two sessions of the weekend we FaceTimed with my parents and Henry immediately called out their names when he heard the facetime ringtone. He sure loves his grandparents--even hundreds of miles can't stop his love for my parents and Ryan's.

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  1. Technology is such a beautiful thing; Hurray for FaceTime!


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