twos, teeth, and a photobook.

I feel like I've been a little all over the place this week. Like I haven't had very much "me" time and when I do have a second or two I don't know what to do. Rest? Online shop for a much needed new pair of shoes for Henry? Read a library book?

Also, Henry had the great idea of waking up only a few hours after going to bed, and being inconsolable until I got a pillow and blanket and laid by his crib until he fell asleep. So there I slept, on the ground from 9:15 to 4:45, when I heard baby Walt wake up, sad ad hurting since he had just gotten his 6 month shots the day before.

But thank goodness rough days can turn into better ones and we're on the up and up.

And today, A TOOTH! I can feel a little tooth finally start it's ascent. I'm actually pretty upset by this fact though. I really love watching Walter get bigger, but I really, really want him to stay a baby forever. It's kind of funny, since he's bigger than just about every kid his age and most kids under one, but he's my baby and it breaks my heart just a little when he wakes up each morning and looks a little taller and a little more not-so-baby.

Finally, I'm making a photobook of family faces for the boys for Easter and I'm so in love with all the happy pictures of my family. I even included a few pictures of some of our friends at the end. I've been terrible at making photobooks with our family, our adventures, our boys--and especially with stuff on external drives, ugh, it's time consuming! Lesson learned: make them as you go! This little book of memories will be the perfect start as I catch up. I'm so excited to talk to Henry and Walter about where we were when each picture was taken-- a little scattered family history book, no?

The picture below cracks me up with my dad laughing, the truebie kids looking at their mama, Henry looking at Ryan and Walter just looking like the cutest baby ever with my mom happy as can be surrounded by all the grandkids. Summer can't come soon enough with another mini family reunion at my brother's wedding.

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  1. Love you all. I'm crossing my fingers that Kelli and I can come out to Adam's wedding. Aunt Terri needs to snuggle with all those cute kids.


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