"mama/dada watch!" (henry plays basketball)

My good friend Laura has graciously let us play with their fisher-price basketball hoop since it wasn't getting much use in her home except for every.single.moment when Henry came over for play dates and to say Henry loved it would be a total understatement. He is constantly asking Ryan and I to watch and has also given us much more quiet/entertained time than we previously had making games of shooting the balls from different angles/places in his room/over toys.

I snapped a few pictures of Henry in the moment has he threw ball after ball into the hoop and that "o" face as he shoots and scores and gets excited just makes me laugh. Henry makes plenty of storage bins around our home basketball hoops, but is thrilled to have the real deal right in his room. Laura, we owe you, big time.


  1. Those faces are PRICELESS! Seriously...this made my day.

  2. haha, so i just saw this. awesome. i know the hoop is so much happier now that he has another boy to play with him.


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