oh the places you'll go.

I am seriously in love with this book right now. Probably more than Henry. We read it at least once a day and every time I read it a new page sticks out to me and I think of a different experience, and a different way I want to be better.

On of my favorite parts is where it talks about the waiting place. How sometimes in life we just wait. But we shouldn't be! I remember waiting in high school for friends to call me to do something on the weekend. I remember waiting in college for friends to call me to do something. I remember waiting as a new mom for other moms to call me to do something (hm, there may be a trend here...). We wait for warmer weather. We wait to do fun things until after naptime. Waiting, waiting.

Every time I read that page I vow to stop waiting. To do something about it. Sometimes we still have to wait, but we don't have to dwell on it. We can dwell on what we can do, not what we cannot do or change. I vow to make more phone calls, make more friends, be more adventurous. I vow to have fun with Henry in the mornings, even if we're still in our pajamas. I vow to be more attentive to my desires and do something about it, and stop making excuses.

I just want to fill Henry's room with phrases from that book. With positive reinforcement. I want him to know that he WILL move mountains, that he will have fame, and that even when he does not, even when there are set backs, we love him and we're there to help him, and he'll succeed again, and again, and again.


  1. Such a sweet post! And call/text me anytime. Heck, I'll head over before you can :)

  2. Such a great thought! Thanks for sharing...we miss you guys too! You're always welcome to make your way up to Alaska... :)


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