...it's a great day to be alive (and other musings).

Every other Saturday is grocery day. Ryan has the boys and I trek to a grocery store 20 minutes north of us to get most of our groceries for the next two weeks (with Costco and Target and an occasional trip to Stop n Shop, too). I love my me time and it's fun to get a snack just for me for the trip back.

Last week, the Travis Tritt song, "It's a great day to be alive" came on and oh, it took me back. Back to high school, back to growing up in Texas, back to Texan accents, back to trucks and big parking lots. Back to Sonic after school and a DQ blizzard just because. I got a little teary-eyed thinking of every awesome and rolled the windows down just a big since the weather was in the 50s. Ahh, it was heavenly.

And then.

Yep, and then I went through a roundabout I don't normally go through and must not have yielded to another car so I got a nice loud honk. And then, because I was looking for street parking on a crowded street I was going a bit slower and got another honk. And then I teared up once again because, danggit, I just wanted to go back to the wide open spaces of Texas, where streets are bigger and people are sometimes nicer.

To be honest, I'm a honker, too. It's the city and that's what you do. You've got to be at least a little aggressive, or, in my opinion, you won't survive. But just for that moment, I promised I'd never honk again. They ruined my moment!

Oh east coast. We've got such a love/don't love relationship going on right now. I love the city, I really do. But I'd kill for my own parking spot and a car port right now :)

And a residential street where no one honks. They exist, don't they???

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