getting me through the never-ending winter.

This winter is a heart-breaker. I know (ok, seriously hopeful) next year will be better, but whew, rough. Currently Walt has the forever-cold and Ryan has an ear infection. It's a party at our house, for sure. So, to keep me from losing my mind, here are a few thoughts that keep me a little warmer. And a lot more happy and sane.

1. No bake cookies. Our oven is crazy and takes forever to warm up and isn't very accurate so... enter no bakes. Anyone have any favorite non-oven sweets?

2. Walter is a roly poly in every way. Getting longer by the minute and rolling from his back to front and front to back. After I run around with Henry entertaining and reading and playing, it's so nice to just be with Walter, just the two of us, as Henry naps or after he's in bed. He's adorable.

3. Our local library. I'm so hit or miss with books--I want to read everything and then check out too much and then don't read them all...and then don't go to the library for weeks. And then it starts all over again.

4. Shopping for sandals and swim suits. I'm so excited to really feel the sun. I want to sweat and be uncomfortable so badly right now. I know I'll regret those words, but I don't care.

5. Friends who let us come over to their house to play. Space is precious in the city and I'm so grateful for friends who share their toys and get our energy out somewhere other than our house.

I'm oh so behind on posts of the boys, but this week is the week. I told myself that last week...but really, this week is the week. Keep checkin in on us, I'm bound to stop wasting my time elsewhere eventually, right?

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