henry turns two!!

Over and over last month I couldn't believe that Henry was turning two. Well, I didn't want to believe it, but everything he was doing was evidence of him getting bigger, stronger, more coordinated, and more comprehension.

A few Henry-isms:
- He loves playing toss all.the.time
- Words: pees=please, elmo, bathroom phrases for the ever-elusive potty training time, cracker means fruit snack, and also cracker or another snack, wahwee=wally (still the cutest word he knows), hank, no/yes (His vocab has skyrocketed since his birthday and Ryan and I are in constant amazement at the words he knows/uses. Sometimes it's still hard to figure out what he wants/is talking about, but we're learning to be pretty good decoders, if I do say so myself)
- He's got the best after-bed/after-nap hair thanks to Ryan. He already needs another hair cut (he got his last one new years eve), but I do love his straight-as-a-rail dirty blonde full head of hair.
- He loves hummus and canned mandarin oranges, fruit snacks, black olives, to name a few.
-He'll sometimes pick out his own shirts/pjs (and sometimes says "no" to everything, so I'll convince him to wear the shirt with GAP on the front since he loves letters or we'll pick out his pjs and he'll wear them just fine (ok, just a little/lot of pj struggle) but he just wanted to say "no" to everything just because.
-He loves his onesie pjs and loves zippers

We opened presents as a family on his birthday, I took tons of pictures/videos that day (thanks for tolerating me overloading your instas :) and we loved how excited he got about presents. And then cake time came. We just frosted a muffin and lit a candle on top. Then sang to him and told him to blow out the candle and then he proceeded to try and eat it. It was close, but I snatched the muffin away before he got too close and burnt himself. Lesson learned :)

We had a fabulous little party with the Stowells and friends from our ward the next day and we so grateful for all the love. I love that Hank has a friend in Lily and that she loves him so much even though he doesn't always reciprocate (what a silly boy).

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