a wally update.

Walter turned 4 months last week and his drs. appointment confirmed it: this kid is growing like a weed! Stats: 16 pounds 10 ounces (75%) 26.5" (95%) 40.7 cm (22%). He definitely doesn't get his length from me (but my nickname was Shaq on my 2nd grade bball team so...) or Henry, but we're so grateful he's ours. Henry loves him and Ryan and I love to dote on him as much as we can. The one major bummer is that it seems like he's sensitive to dairy, so for the past few months I've been avoiding dairy and man, it's a hard thing to do. I love cheese, I admit, so giving up feta and blue cheese and parm and sharp cheddar...oi. BUT, he's totally worth it. It's just so darn heartbreaking when I can tell his tummy aches just because I couldn't help but eat some ice cream at the RS activity.

He's already turning over from his back to front and we tried out the bumbo for the first time a day or two ago and he seemed pretty pleased. I have no doubt he'll be developing a bit quicker than Hank thanks to watching his big brother do all sorts of big kid things. He's such a chill baby and we're so grateful he's ours. All of his smiles warm my heart and he's a sleeper after my own heart, too (aka sleep is pretty easy for him, he's transitioned out of the two arm swaddle like it was nothing, he loves his pacifier--you get the picture). He has been such an easy-going baby and after a stressful first year with Henry never napping longer than 45 minutes, he has no idea how much his calm-ness is helping me.

He's gotten his first cold this week thanks to his big brother (it helps the immune system, right?), but thanks to some warmer weather in the future (yes, I can't stop thinking/dreaming about it) I'm sure it'll go away soon.

Wally, we love you and can't wait for all the new and exciting developments up ahead!

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  1. Oh Wally!!! I want to meet that little squish so bad.


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